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Re: Day 29: little stuck

Day 29: little stuck

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  • I spent a lot of time reading through the journals and posts for today trying to figure out how I could best complete this dare.   I have been praying for my husband since the dare that asked us to.  So that wasn't the difficult part.  I wasn't sure what I could do that was tangible.  It was helpful to hear the struggles and success others have gone through doing the dares.

    I had a few moments today that I reverted back to doings things my way.  We got into it a little this morning because I reacted to something he said. I should have just stayed quiet and still and let GOD deal with it.  Practice. Practice. Practice.  Then I was feeling anxious and insecure and I texted my husband a slew of texts.  He didn't respond and we did talk really quickly but he wasn't paying attention because he was busy so I just let it go.  I should have turned to GOD with my feelings but I didn't.  Minor slip up.  I was able to get it back together.  On our way home from work I did share with him about how I felt about somethings I texted him and then I let it go.  Usually I would just keep going and going.   Also felt good when I got home to spend time praying and responding to some of the dares in the book - the written part after each dare.  It helped me have to space to be calm and have some peace and be with GOD.  After this I went and told my husband I loved him and gave him a kiss.   I then went back to pray and thank GOD for the privilege of loving my husband unconditionally.  Kind of gave me the motivation I needed to focus on when I think of how I should love him.   I decided the best way to show my love for him was to finally put his clothes away in the drawers for him.  He had put all of his clothes and stuff into trash bags during one of our huge fights trying to separate our stuff.   We since have decided we would keep his clothes in the closet in the extra bedroom and I would occupy the closet in our bedroom.  I actually think its better and more organized that way.  He doesn't like organizing or putting his clothes away so I did that for him tonight.  I had told him I would do it and finally finished it tonight.  Does feel good to do something nice for him. 

    I'm trying to really focus on the fact that I need to show him the LOVE that GOD shows me.  That if I let GOD fill my heart with his love then how can I not then give this love to my husband.  I think that's pretty incredible.  I hope to achieve that one day.  I feel like I'm on my way there you step at a time with each passing day.  I AM SO THANKFUL FOR GOD's LOVE AND GRACE!

  • Seek out the wisdom in prayer as well....

  • Like what is GOD saying to me in my prayers to him?

  • Ask for it in those situations. Seek and you shall find, ask and it will be given to you, knock and it will be opened.

    Most people use that for their own, but its real meaning is seeking out Christ...

  • Seek Christ and I will find him.  Ask Christ and he will provide for me.  Knock on Christs door and he will open,  Is that right?  I think I get it.  That's pretty amazing.

  • That is correct.

    Pretty amazing? Just wait and see... LOL

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