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Day 29: Love's Motivation

The Love Dare

Today's Dare

Before you see your spouse again today, pray for them by name and for their needs. Whether it comes easy for you or not, say "I love you," then express love to them in some tangible way.  Go to God in prayer again, thanking Him for giving you the privilege of loving this one special person - unconditionally, the way He loves both of you.

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    Day 29 Round 2

    Today has been full of up and downs. Sean made good points should read it this morning. Been praying all day for my family but Satan has a strong hold...
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    Day 29

    So to day is my Momma death anniversary. She been gone 17yrs. It hurts like anyother time. I remember walking in the house and see my step dad on the couch...
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    Pouring It All Out To God - Day 29

    Wow. God really had me a day ahead on today's dare. He really convicted me to start praying for my husband in a different way yesterday. I also realized...
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    Loves Motivation

    What an amazing opportunity this book (and God of course) have presented me with! Anything we do in our lives, not just our marriage, should come from...
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    Day 29

    Day 29 Love's Motivation.... Day 29 was on January 21st. I went to prayer for my husband and I said I love you. My prayer was in no way selfish to...
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    Love's Motivation

    Day 29: before you see you spouse again, pray for them by name and for their needs. Say "I love you", then express love in a tangible way. I...
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