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Love Dare 28

Love Dare 28

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  • One of the greatest needs in my spouse is life right now would be financial help.

    My father is using wrongful ways to get him to buy me a car. I understand my father thinks he should do this but holding something over his head and intimidating him, i believe is wrong.

    I can tell my husband is stressed about it. So thats is something I can look at to help him with. 

    I am getting a  job to help. He does make a lot more than I do, I think it still puts a lot of stress & pressure on him. I just need to continue to pray that he make better financial decisions. 

    Praying to get this job I applied for and trusting God in this. I told my husband not to worry about the car. That as soon as I get the job I will save up and pay my dad for the car. 

    It will help with all the pressure on him to have to care of everything. Which was another unrealistic expectation.

    When I expressed a desire to help he received it pretty well, i know i would. 

    The other needs I could meet are to help with his parents. His dad broke his arm & my husband works long hrs.So i plan on paying someone to go and mow their lawn 23 times a mth. 

    I live with my parents so I dont pay anything. Its not like it would be hurting me financially right now.

    Just praying & trusting God to bless me with this job

  • This is a tough situation. While you walk in Christ and He is molding you, you still have to deal with the worlds thoughts on how to deal with things. You need to pray for your father and seek for Christ to open your father mind a little. Because you are not God and cannot change him, so his ways will always create hardship for you.

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