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Day 68 - Love Makes Sacrifices

Day 68 - Love Makes Sacrifices

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  • At the end of the day, I looked back and just didn’t see where I had completed this dare.  It was a hard one if something wasn’t put in front of me, and after praying about it in the morning, I didn’t see where it had been opened up to me.  It wasn’t until I went back to read it today that the completion of the dare clicked. 

    Our daughter is still not back in school… she starts back next week.  With all of the turmoil in our house this summer, we really haven’t worked with her like we should have.  My husband has said over and over again that we need to work with her every night.  He just never steps forward to work with her.  He and I both teach her differently, and have different styles with helping her.  I have had a hard time not standing over his shoulder and giving my opinion about how she was doing or what he was telling her. 

    While I was cooking dinner, I noticed a workbook on our daughter’s desk.  My husband and daughter were both in the living room watching TV.  I picked up the workbook and a pen, went into the living room, and asked if he would like to spend some time working on it with her while I finished dinner.  He readily took the workbook, and they went to work.  He asked me a few questions about how much I thought they should do, and I gave my opinion when asked.  He praised her throughout the work.  Right before dinner, he told me what a fantastic job she did.  I could see that he felt in control of the situation and confident in his ability to teach her. 


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