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Day 28 - Love Makes Sacrifices

Day 28 - Love Makes Sacrifices

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  • My husband’s greatest need is family time.  He has needed time with me alone and time with me and our daughter.  For the past five years, all of my time has been filled with work, school, church, helping friends, watching kids… everything except him. 

    When I first started the dares, I took a break from ministry at church.  This dare made me think about what I was going to do when I return to it.  After Labor Day, we’re adding a second contemporary service on Sunday mornings.  We’ll have one traditional and two contemporary.  When we were talking about this change, I said that I would be part of the worship team for both services.  After much prayer, I have decided to stay on as part of our worship team, but only do the 10 am service.  During this service, our daughter would be able to go to Sunday school, and then she can drop AWANA on Sunday nights.  Our worship leader holds our rehearsals once a week, but with music people, a two hour rehearsal usually starts an hour late, and never stays on task.  I’m going to talk to him about this.  I’m willing to get our books ready the night before rehearsal, but I won’t stay at rehearsal more than an hour.   If we’re working on new music, we’ll have to do it during that time.  We’ve already moved up the rehearsal time so that when we finish, my daughter has been in bed for well over an hour.  Often, the worship team goes out to dinner after rehearsal and goes out to lunch after Sunday service.  I’m going to stop going on these outings if my husband is at home. 


  • Any chance your husband can get involved?

  • I would love for him to get involved.  He's always invited.  My husband doesn't believe on church and isn't comfortable around my friends.  He always feels like he's being judged by anyone he doesn't know well.  

  • That is conviction... Because of he was not doing anything wrong he would not feel that way.

    And let him know, as Christians we do not judge. It is people that life worldly that do.

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