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Day 68 - Love still Makes Sacrifices

Day 68 - Love still Makes Sacrifices

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    Day 68—Love still Sacrifices


    “What is one of the greatest needs in your spouse's life right now?  Is there a need you could lift from their shoulders today by a daring act of sacrifice on your part?  Whether the need is big or small, purpose to do what you can to meet the need.”


    I realized when I read today’s chapter that this day, in round 1, was when my husband moved out. I cannot believe it has already been 40 days since then. This was the day, also, in round 1 when I experienced God speaking to me in a way I have never experienced in my life. An experience I would NEVER want to take back even if on one of the hardest days of this journey. I know God is still working on some of what He told me—I know somehow some way my husband will be in Hawaii with my family next month. I know somehow some way I will financially be able to afford new carpet for the house. In addition to those that I was spoken about that particular morning, there is my husband’s lease and switch of detachments. All things I continue to daily pray for guidance about. I mention these items because I know they each will require some sort of sacrifice. But I prayed about how God wanted me to satisfy today’s dare. I was thinking maybe it would have something to do with his lease since, besides still needing Christ in his life, that is one tangible need my husband [we] need taken care of right now. That was not what I felt God lying on my heart though. For some reason it was to update our realtor on our situation. I thankfully only had to talk to her once about our options with the house early on when my husband said he was just going to up and leave me with it. However, in that conversation she was very supportive of our marriage and praying for us, so I knew she would love to hear the good news that we were on the road to reconciliation. I also let her know about the things I’ve been working on around the house. Her response was that she was not surprised to hear from me since I was heavily on her mind last night (that is the second person today that had told me that—weird!). She also gave me the info to her carpet guy, so I will be working on getting another bid. I don’t know why this is what I felt God leading me to do today, but I just continue to do what He wants me to. No need to know why.


    Today was my husband’s first day back to work since him and I have been on this road to healing. Due to the minor crash he was in a couple of weeks ago he has been off. Work means seeing the OW since they work the exact same shift together, but I prayed my thoughts would not focus on that. Then it dawned on me—when my husband put in for vacation late last year for this time in April (since we originally were going to leave for Hawaii yesterday—due to circumstances with my brother’s schedule it got switched to May) he was not sure if it was going to be approved since it overlapped a couple days with the OW (this was well before him and her had anything going on), but it ended up getting approved. Relief set in – he would not be seeing her today. I then get a text message from him early this afternoon saying he does not have to work tomorrow since he will end up starting his vacation time then, which is the day the OW is supposed to be back to work. That means they have not worked together at least since his crash two weeks ago and now not for another couple more weeks. Thank God! Although this brings the question to mind – if he is still taking his vacation time now then how is vacation time in May for Hawaii going to work out? Only time will tell…


    Due to my husband not working tomorrow and I having it off as well, he asked if I wanted to go on a date. Most definitely! We have not seen each other for a couple days now, so I am ready…again! When am I not? LoL! Just hope I feel better. Still fighting whatever has been kicking my butt since Saturday.

  • Most people have that little opening and they jump on it. And with you, you are taking it slow and still focusing on Christ in each move. This goes to show that Christ needed you to wait until you were prepared before things could progress with your husband. This way you stayed with your walk and still depend on Him. Praise God!

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