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Day 28: Little things

Day 28: Little things

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  • I think the greatest need in my husbands life right now is peace.  We have spent so much time arguing, fighting, screaming, yelling, etc.  I know he needs for me to stay calm when I get upset.  I know he needs for me not to interrogate him with questions about every little thing.  I know he needs me to be kind, loving, patient, supportive and a host of other things.   SO today I bit my tongue several times.  That was my sacrifice.  The little things that he says or does that drive me crazy or piss me off I just chose to ignore and not comment on or react in anyway.   It's a sacrifice because it is not normally what I do and certainly not what I want to do most times.  BUT today it wasn't that bad.  It didn't kill me to bit my tongue and not react.  When I did have to repeat myself a few times I reminded myself to calm down while I was speaking to him.  I had a few moments that I was upset and I turned to GOD to take those burdens away instead of going to my husband cuz that always seems to end negatively. 

    Surprisingly I did not ask him how long he would be at work tonight and he came home earlier than usual.  GO figure.  So my other little sacrifice was not questions him how long he would be. 

    I'm feeling better with each passing day.  I'm feeling stronger.  I'm feeling closer to GOD and this makes me very happy.  It warms my heart and makes my heart smile which it hasn't done in quite some time.  THANKS BE TO GOD!

  • Awesome... Again, Christ will expose to you every burden in your walk. And He will be there to mold it out of you.

    Each day will be brighter and better.

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