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Round 3 - Day 108

Round 3 - Day 108

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  • I am heading out of town for Easter to go up to Cleveland to visit with my family. I was planning on leaving right after school so I could get up there as soon as possible. After reading this dare this morning I decided that I was going to have to make a sacrifice and not leave right away. Since I will be gone and there is not much food in the house, I stopped by the grocery store on my way to work to pick up some of my husbands favorites. He loves when I cut up fruit and make a big fruit bowl so I am going to do that for him before I head up to Cleveland after work.

    I believe that my husband needs much more than this though. I have been having trouble finding cards that say the right words, so I am going to make him a card instead. I want him to know that I will always been here and put the exact words that he needs to hear from me in it. I will be praying about this.

  • Why is he not going with you? Or better yet why are you not spending the holiday together?

    And a reality question. Is it really a sacrifice? Or is it something you actually would want to do?

    Very important question. Because if you are doing it out of love, it will not feel like a sacrifice.

  • I didn't ask my husband to come with me. I guess I should have done that. I will be coming back into town before Easter though. I am coming home on Saturday evening because I have to teach Sunday school on Sunday morning. He will be spending the holiday with his family. He has not asked me to join.

    This was something that I wanted to do out of love. It didn't seem too much like a sacrifice. It definitely was not part of my original plan, so I guess I thought that was a sacrifice, but by no means did it feel like a real sacrifice.

  • Great. Just wanted to point that out. Remember sometimes we say things that may not be what the true feeling is. We need to be careful, especially when we are dealing with others who are not on a journey with Christ. Miscommunication can be a big problem.

  • I'm confused by this post because in my previous post I didn't say anything about communicating. Can you expand???

  • I dont recall. It may have been from another day... There are times you have 2 or three in a row.. LOL... Sorry about that.

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