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stuck on 28

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  • She said that me calling and texting her stresses her out. The thing is she doesnt try to communicate with me at all.I have great difficulty not talking to her when she has been by my side for the last three years. If I am not able to talk to her I cannot do the rest of the dares that involve her. We were moving into the right direction until day 15. I asked her a question that i shouldnt have. Since then she has talked a little until sat. when i broke down and blew up her phone when she wouldnt talk to me. I took matters into my own hands and got into His way. any advise? Should i start over . I have been on 28 since friday, but I am very weak in this department

  • The good Lord has provided a way yet again. She called me up today saying that her car broke down on her and she needed a ride to work. Me being the nice guy I am... and Jesus nudging me on the shoulder tolder to go ahead and take my car. She probaly wont talk to me yet again tomorrow but thats ok because tomorrow is a new day and if the Lord wants me to continue this journey then He will provide the way. Dont give up hope ppl. Jesus learned obedience through His suffering and if u are going thru something hard then God is clearly trying to teach us something.

  • You can do dares... Seek out and pray about them. Christ will show you a path.

    Second, do the dares And only the dares right now. Do not manipulate the dares to your liking.. I have a feeling that question you asked that has caused problems was you taking control away from Christ and the dares and doing it your way..l

    Lead your heart, read all of the appendix and pay close attention to the leading the heart.

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