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Day 28 20120823

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  • Our oldest son(16), from my wifes first marriage, hurt his finger the previous night while at youthfor church. This lead to a conversation about medical bills. Apparently my wife has a lot of bills piling up on her from a previous emergency visit for him, in addition to medical bills for her Dad who had passed away over a year ago now. I never knew cause she never told me. She never told me because I think I became unapproacable over the past three years when it came to our finances cause we could never agree on them. Anyways, I commited this to prayer asking God to tell me what to do. I want to go ahead and take care of the bills by draining my retirement, but I dont know how to takecare of the bills cause I dont have them and I dont want my spouse to know about it so I cant just ask her for them. Still waiting on the Lord to give me a sign or answer on what he wants me to do.

  • I assume you did not watch fireproof? Get it... ASAP. Watch it alone and with NO interruptions before you go any fUrther on that.

  • Yes, I watched 3 or 4 times.  The first time was with my wife about 6 months to a year ago.  The last time was a month ago before I started the love dare.

  • I wanted you to think back to the movie about Caleb paying for the medical stuff for his wife's father.

  • Ok.  If I am understanding all this, Gods will is for me to make a sacrifice for my wifes need.  Because Aaron got hurt the other day, God was reveling her need to me.  Just not sure how I can take care of it without asking her for the bills.

  • If you know the hospital etc... Call them. Or see if you can get the bills without her knowing.

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