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Re: Day 28 - Love Makes Sacrifices - Unsure

Day 28 - Love Makes Sacrifices - Unsure

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  • So I wasn't sure what to sacrifice for her, I have pretty much given her everything including my undying love. I chose to offer her my help in finding happiness and filling the void in her life that she's trying to fill. She wasn't very responsive to anything today, so I didn't push things. I did tell I love her and invited her to a party for our son's birthday which is today. I continued to pray for God to touch her heart and for her safety. She didn't come as expected and when my son blew out his candles, he wished for his mama to be with his family. After the party, I texted her what he wished for. She didn't respond but "he" did telling me I was hurting her and said their attorney would be contacting me about harassing her and I went too far this time and that he was going to use it against me. He also brought up my past again as this seems to be his only ammunition against me. He said a few other things to me and I replied once to him saying I wasn't giving up on her and that I wasn't intimidated by him. I also texted her and told her I wasn't giving up and that I love her unconditionally. I believe his true colors are coming out, and am hoping that she will see that it is a bad decision. One of the few times she texted me today she said I was being irrational lately, but didn't reply when I asked how...

    I am not sure if I will be hearing from his attorney as he's threatened me with this before. I am not worried about it as I am walking in truth and have only texted my wife positive things. I am deciding at this point to avoid contacting her unless she initiates it with me. Other than that, I will complete the dares if possible and dive into God's word. I will also pray constantly for God to have his will in our lives and to show me what his plan for me is. I am seriously asking for some advice here, I am not quite sure how to proceed at this point. I know I'm not giving up my faith or on my family...


  • Do the dares, nothing more, nothing less. Even if she contacts you. Be nice, be loving. Be straight to the point of what she is contacting. By that's it.

    You can never fill her voids, only Christ can do that.

  • I know only God can fill the voids, that's what he's done in me... I am always loving and nice to her. The other guys contacted me last night about some things, I stood up to him and assurred her that I love her unconditionally. I am going to try to avoid contacting her today. I am praying for her safety and her heart continuously, and for God to give me strength.

  • One of the things I felt God press on my heart the day before my husband moved out was that I was to only contact my husband if told to do so by Him. So there were some days I had no contact with him. I reminded myself Christ is working...on my husband, me, and my marriage. With that said, continue to pray on the dares each day to be done by His will (may be contact or no contact with your wife)...just be still and listen. Just as Sean mentioned - nothing more than doing them and leaving the rest up to Him.

  • Exactly no more and no less. When you do no more and you trust Christ to handle it you can NEVER go wrong!

  • Thanks for the advice, I trust that God is working on her as he is on me...

  • Of course He is. But here is the real thing. Will you get in His way doing it your way? Or will you trust Him totally to handle it His way?

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