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Re: Love Makes Sacrifices - Day 28 troubles

Love Makes Sacrifices - Day 28 troubles

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  • I am 28 days in and have experienced many revelations along the way. My wife of nearly 12 years left me and took our two boys July 28th - 16 days after my 40th birthday. I've been getting through the dares OK and have learned that these challenges are more about my relationship with Christ and through him he will heal our relationship - that I have to be patient with him. Being separated makes these dares difficult - This week is especially hard on me. I've known my wife for 17 years total and tomorrow is her birthday followed by my eldest son's Thursday. I bought a card and have a message I intend to deliver to her but this day 28 dare is pulling me apart. My wife is not currently interested in working on our relationship - she is standing her ground on the separation agreement and will not waver at all. She says it is a separation and this is not divorce - but yet makes no promise to reconciliation. She is working on her and I'll admit that although I have surrendered to Christ (Our relationship is in his hands at this point, on his timeline) that I am afraid that too much time will pass and it will just be easier to divorce. The crux of today's dare scares me. Right now she needs to heal herself before we can begin working on even thinking about our relationship. In one breath she wants me around for the sake of our boys, and in another not at all personally - she says she needs me to prove that I can change and that actions speak volumes over words, money, gifts, etc. Her greatest need is healing and really coming to Christ herself. She works for a Christian church but discusses the family issues with very few people. Just yesterday she commented to me that I will talk about our situation with anyone who will listen. It is true, but is that wrong? I have a lot of pain over our separation and I am in shock that it has gotten to this point. Outside of prayer, what do I do? What am I to do about honoring her Birthday? I've been declined to attend church service and dinner already. Help!
  • You are right when you say this journey is more about your relationship with Christ. You must trust in Christ with each moment of this.

    Doing the dares are more for trusting Christ no matter what you think. Even if you know rejection would be the case, trust Christ enough to follow through with the dares request.

    As for your wife. Many things Christ will do. He will humble you through her. He must come first. Realize how He is molding you in this process. And do not worry about her walk with Christ. Right now you must be concerned with yours, because without yours being right, you cannot be the testimony she needs.

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