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Day 28

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  • Melanie texted me that she dropped all of the information at the attorney's office and the papers will be ready to sign next week.   She asked me if I would pay half of the fee and If I could pay her before I go out of town next week.  What I wanted to say was.... "You want the divorce so you pay", but I didn't.  I prayed.  I replied to her that she would have the money the next day.  I don't like doing it, but I know that she is living at the poverty level with her current job, trying to support two kids.  I don't want her or the kids to go hungry and I'm struggling financially myself due to taking on her and the kids and continuing to maintain her insurance and phone, but if this is what she feels (whether I agree or not) then I will do it.

  • Continue to pray about this. And leave it with Christ. Completely.

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