Collaborate without boundaries



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  • I wasn't able to complete the dare with my husband, as he didn't call today.  When I next talk to him though, I will.

    Instead I focused the dare on my children and the people around me.  It was quite an eyeopener.  I didn't mention anything to my children but I stopped myself whenever I felt I was expecting to much from them.  We ended up having quite a nice night out and about.  I just let them be and they were happy.  It's amazing how much they open up when I leave them alone and keep my mouth shut.



    When you place high expectations on your spouse that they don't feel internally motivated to attain, what does that tell you about yourself?

    I don't trust that things will be ok, so then I try to control those around me.  This shows that I'm insecure and scared.


    What are some better ways to deal with these disconnects?

    Leave the other person to God to sort things out.  He's the only one who can.  Praying would be helpful too.

  • Trust that Christ has a plan for you. Seek out that will in your life and know that Christ will only bring things that will mold you in His image. This will be your path to testimony.

  • Thank you Sean.  I do tend to forget he has a plan for me at times.


  • We all do. But when we commit to His filling our voids it will always remind us.

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