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Day 27: something different

Day 27: something different

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  • I finally saw my husband this evening since he wanted time and space away from me.  I asked him during dinner about what he felt I was most unrealistic about.  They were things we had talked about before.  I let him know later I would be open to hearing what he had to say about it and listen to him because that is a way of showing him I love him.   He replied WOW that's something new and different.  Felt good to let him know that.  Not sure he believes it or not but I will have to show him by my actions. 

    I felt continued peace and calmness throughout the day.  Kept myself busy and then finally in the evening contacted him and THANK GOD he replied and asked me to meet him.  Do I wonder where and what he did last night? YES but whatever.  He told me he just needed time and space alone so he was at his work.    Nothing I can do.  Whatever it is GOD will take care of it.  I don't have to worry about it.  Nothing I can do anyways.   I am trying to focus on loving CHRIST first and foremost.  Feels incredible to know GOD is always there for me and loves me.  I am truly blessed.



  • How awesome is it to know that problems are left at Christs feet, and we not worry about them anymore?

    Soon enough, because of this you will see how simple real happiness truly is.

  • It's feels incredible!!!!!!   To know that I have this utterly amazing GOD that will take care of me, love me, forgive me, support me, not matter what.  What greater LOVE is that?  how can I not SHARE that LOVE with the person I love most?  

    I can't wait Sean.....I certainly want to be happy again.

  • Here is the funny part. Happy again? If you are ever only as happy as you were when you did not have Christ, then you will know something is wrong. Because with Christ happiness is a joy you just cannot imagine.

    In my journey I used to think I wish things would just be the way they were. I know now that if they go to that, something is terribly wrong. Because now I know what it is to love with Christs love, to have joy that is of Christ and to live in Christs walk, and it is awesome.

  • Yeah that was wrong to say.  I want to truly experience happiness and love in Christ which I know hasn't happened before.   Perhaps only fleeting moments or thoughts of what I imagined it to be.

    Thanks for the reality check.

  • That is what you have known.... But wait, it is so much better than you can imagine.

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