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Day 27

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  • But she doesn't care. She keeps  telling me to move on. We're done I don't think i love you anymore.

  • If I am guessing correctly, you are not married, thus you aren't bound by the covenant of marriage.  

    But, you are letting your heart lead you, not you leading your heart.  Have you read the appendix, especially the part of leading the heart?  If not, read it.  

    How real was your love before?  Look at it this way, we all have treated Christ horrifically.  Like she is treating you.  Yet, He still chooses to love us and not give up on us.  So, just as Christ does that for you, seek Christ's wisdom if that is what you should be doing for her.  

    Unconditional love does not give up when things get a little difficult.  

  • Were not but it's only because  we haven't  had  the extra money that's all I ever wanted was forever.  My heart says move on but im tryn to choose unconditional  love twards her. And lead to love her. We have children and everything. Imy trying so hard to lead my heart to love her forever as Jesus loves me. I've never been closer to God than I am now. I want us to have that covent of marriage. That's the goal. I dont want to give up. By no means but it doesn't seem to get easier. God 1st her and children  second.

  • Our love seemed  pure. I've always loved her with all my heart and promised to never give up on her no matter how hard it got. I know my love for her is pure

  • Have no expectations from her, at all.  Things get worse before better.  Do only a dare a day, no more, no less.  This will give her the space she wants for now.  Leave her to Christ and you work on your journey with Christ.  Picture Him way above your wife, filling all your voids, and you will gain peace in Christ.  His comfort no matter what she does will be with you.

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