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Love Dare 27

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  • There is not one place I had asked too much, there were many places i expected too much.

    I know unrealistic expectations were a major problem in our marriage. 

    I exhausted him, i know i did.

    I wanted him to be a husband who filled my needs, the kids, provide, and do what was needed at the house. 

    Reading that last sentence.......That has selfishness written ALL over it. 

    He never pushed me like i did him. All he ever asked was for me to just love him and stop nagging. So simple yet i thought he was wrong and I had no idea what he meant or cared to ask him.

    I see now how one sided I made our marriage. I see how he became so frustrated & angry with me. Being told every day u arent good enough and all that. 

    I was doing to him what my parents did to me. To get away (like he is doing with me), I ran off and married him to get away from my parents.

    So no more. I apologized and told him I fell in love with him not what I tried to make him to be. 

    No more of that. I am trusting God to work on him and letting go of all the unrealistic expectations. 


  • So now, yu can see how oneness Is marriage, is love. When we realize how much our own selfishness effects oneness it is so interesting how much we see what was once so justified in our own mind, now is just foolish.

    But there is a story attached to that, a testimony. One that will show how Christ helped you overcome that

  • yes i see how everything i wanted was just foolishness and did nothing but tear down our marriage.

  • Don't look at it as blame... Remember testimony. Christ chose you for this journey for a reason

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