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Re: Day 27 - Love Encourages...ugh

Day 27 - Love Encourages...ugh

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  • So I completed the Dare as directed but had to email Shelly as she wasn't home with us but was with him. My daughter was really missing mommy, so I let her call and leave a couple messages to calm her down. Shelly texted me telling me my daughter was feeding off of me and to try to keep her busy. I wasn't doing bad today, so this is another scapegoat tactic to blame me for things. Shelly told me today that he found her and the kids a 3 bedroom apartment near where he lives, and they would be moving soon, and she's hired an attorney to start separation proceedings. She did thank me for taking responsibility for the wrongs I've done, yet said it is too late. She did acknowledge some of the changes that I've made and again told me it should've been done before this. I replied that she doesn't have to do this and she knows it's not the best or healthiest for any of us. I stopped right away and gave it all to God as I realized I was trying to take control back. I feel powerless in this situation because I have made my choice to love God and Shelly, and it seems like nothing I'm doing matters. I prayed a lot today and tried to set up a small birthday gathering tomorrow evening with my parents and in-laws for my son who turns 4 tomorrow. Apparently she celebrated our son's birthday yesterday with him and some of his family. I prayed with my parents as a group asking for the Holy Spirit to fill her heart with a strong conviction to seek the Lord and to see the deceipt that is tricking her. It was a rough day between my daughter and learning about her intent to move out. I continue to cling to God and to love Shelly unconditionally. I would appreciate any words of advice or scriptures that woud help me at this time...Thanks

  • Well it seems that you have finally realized that you cannot change her... Backing off and not commenting is the best thing you could do, and commit it to prayer. Christ wants you not only trust Him but depend completely on Hm.

    When you can do this, Christ will comfort you. He will bless the desires of your heart. And soon i am sure you will find what that exactly is, because even though you may think you know, you don't. You seek it through your marriage and other worldly things, but Christ will show you, but again trust and depend on His perfect plan.

  • So true Sean. It is difficult for me to give up control. I have prayed that Shelly is filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit that she is called home. Meaning home to the Lord, and if it's his plan, home to our family.

  • The only question I have is what if I feel led to witness to her?

  • Pray about it. But here is something very important to think about. Will your words be manipulating? Will what you say be something that you want her to understand and you justify it through Christ? The real problem here is that you chance taking Gods word out of text and being a false witness. Beware of that.

    What is best is that your actions do the talking for you. The best testimony in this journey is you showing by example.

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