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Re: Day 27 Love Encourages

Day 27 Love Encourages

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  • So yesterday he had his job interview. He called me right after and told me about it. He seemed so excited and i was excited for him. I told him i felt good about it. He was like what do i do if the job here comes through and they call me in a month and want me over there. I told him to take it cause you never know what can happen. But i know that God will provide him with what he really needs. He seemed reassured. So later last night we went to the Opera. He picked me up in a handsome suit. He said i looked nice and i was like you do too. Later on though he asked if he looked ok in the suit and i said you look really handsome in the suit, but you look handsome in everything. :) So we go to the opera. He seemed annoyed because of road rage. lol so i really couldnt talk to him. After 2 hrs at the opera we left during an intermission because we found out it was going to be almost 4 hrs and he felt uncomfortable. No big deal. So we were waiting for valet and he tells me that hes going to the doctors on Monday for testing in his private regions. He said he told the doctor about his sympton and they feel something is wrong. He said he was scared, but i told him that everything will be fine. You are going to be ok regardless of what happens. I'll pray for you. As we went to eat i just sat next to him kissing him and holding his hand in the car. It was just a nice silence. At dinner i asked him if he ever felt that he expected too much out of me. I figured i could start the conversation and tell him what i needed to. He answered but then got distracted. He was telling me about his childhood in that area we were in. So i never said anything. He took me home. I hugged him and said you know i love you rught and he said i love you too. And then he left. So a few minutes later i texted him : I was trying to tell you this when we were eating, but i think i expected more out of you than you had to give. And i never should have. We are human and we all have flaws. And i love you flaws and all. I will always love you unconditionally. When he got home he said i love you i'm home. Good night. And that was that. Now time to read today's dare.
  • Wow, look at all those opportunities of encouragement! You completed that dare in every way possible. ;)

  • Take a little time to think about the day and the dare. Many times Christ will show you through those experiences your relationship with Him.

    We can learn from those things.

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