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Re: Day 27

Day 27

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  • Today was a another tough day.  I keep getting new rules added to what is allowable and what is not allowable - I wonder why I keep subjecting myself to this then I realized it is because it is my responsibility to be a relief valve on stress; it is my job to give unconditionally.

    The one expectation I know she needs me to give up is for our marriage to recover and grow.  That is the one meaningful unrealistic expectation she needs.  I undconditionally will help her design a plan to chase her dreams.  We sat down and designed a time line.  I did share with her how I felt it was so important that she deal with the extra baggage brought from previous relationships into our marriage.  That she can't imagine what this love I am feeling now is like.

    This is challenging me to the core of my soul



  • Christ will mold you daily... You need to be willing to listen. Prayer continious is so important.

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