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Re: Expectatiosn vs Encouragement

Expectatiosn vs Encouragement

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  • I've had trouble thinking of something that I have too high expectations on.  I went to my husband and asked him because I couldn't think of anything.  He didn't have an answer for me either. So for this dare I will watch what I say and what I expect from my husband.  I will also seek to encourage him in anything and everything he does.  His job is an area that he needs extra encouragement with right now, and his role as a step-father to my daughter.
    areas that I think I might need to watch: household chores, discipline with my daughter, our church assignments. 
  • Be careful... It is not just too high of expectations. It is expectation itself. What expectations do you have that fuel selfishness?

  • I don't believe in expecting.  It is a setup, a premeditated resentment.  It hurts me more than it does anyone else.  I feel this was a lesson that God taught me a long time ago.  I may not always get it perfect, but I do my best to keep that lesson in mind.  It was a hard one, a life lesson and one not easily forgotten.  or as my dad would say, a "hard knocks" lesson.

  • If you believe it or not, it is human nature. And with Christ you will be able to change that and allow Him to manage those.

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