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Re: Day 27-Expectations I thought I didn't have going into marriage

Day 27-Expectations I thought I didn't have going into marriage

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  • So thinking about this dare, I realized that going into marriage I knew that I couldn't expect everything of my husband, but funny how that is exactly what I did. I expected him to spend a lot of his time with me. I expected him to sacrifice work for me. I expected him to always to there for me when I needed him. I realize that the demands of his work are very high and that he wants to do the best he can for them. I realize that he tried the best that he could to give me the time I needed. I have realized that I can't expect him to never forget things, heck I am the most forgetful person. Who am I to get mad at him? I had also bugged him a lot about drinking too much soda. It is a money drainer and it is not good for you health wise. My expectation for him to stop is because I care about him and his body. He drinks them so he can make it through the day and so he won't get migraines. I realize that I should not bug him about it. If he wants to quite that is up to him. Not me. I will accept him as he is.

    I had texted him yesterday and asked if we were going to meet this week at all. He didn't respond. So I sent an email telling him I didn't mean to push him or pressure him into meeting, just that I would like to make plans with friends, but that he came first. And rather than wait through the silence and the week be over, I figured I would just ask. He responded. He said he hadn't meant to be silent. Work just has been crazy and he is continuing to help out with some other things that take his time up until 10-11 at night. He said we could meet on Monday. So, I will tell him then I am sorry for putting these unattainable expectations on him.

  • It is amazing how we are exposed to our own selfish expectations. But the good news is that with Christ that can change. We can love our spouses with no expectations involved. And I have to tell you, it makes life so much easier.

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