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Re: Unrealistic Expectations

Unrealistic Expectations

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  • This dare took me back 17 years.  I had only been dating my husband for 6 months when he proposed to me.  I was reading the book Personality Plus when he proposed and I said back then that I would not have said "yes" if I hadn't read that book.  I was fustrated at that time with some of his behaviors and what the book confirmed to me was that those behaviors came from his personality he was not acting out to frustrate me.  Well, through this dare I realized that I have forgotten some of those things I learned in that book.  I have had unrealistic expections of my husband to behavior in ways that he is just not wired to behave.  I need to accept him for the wonderful man that God made and stop those expectations. 

    So I have located the book and have begun to read it once again.  For the dare I actually showed my husband the book and asked if he remembered it and that I was reading it when he proposed.  He actually said "vaguely".  That is an improvement for a man who told me a month ago he didn't even remember the day that we met or couldn't even thing of any good times that we have had.  Anyway, I went on to apologize for my unrealistic expectations and told him I was going to be more accepting of who he is.  Not sure how much he actually heard - for he choose to play with the cat while I was talking.  I repeated a couple things but he seemed to pretty much ignore me.

    On to the next dare.  I surrender both myself and my husband to my Abba Father.  Please give me the courage and strength to continue on in this battle.  Please open and soften my husbands heart.


  • He heard! But this is not something that he would want to hear. This means that he is not perfect.

    And it is called unconditional... LOVE! No matter what you are choosing to love him. Just as Christ loves us.

    And by the way. Personality= Selfishness.

    Selfishness is the basis of which many things are based upon. Our selfishness is the core of our personality.

    But just as your personality is changing through Christ, your testimony can be what he needs to do the same.

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