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Dare 26

Dare 26

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  • As I completed this dare, my wife abruptly asked me why I was doing it. I told her that I wanted to make right the things I had screwed up. And to do that, I needed to ask her forgiveness. I also told her that she did not have to give it. Well, miracle of all miracles happened. She had been keeping our dog from me, as our dog was the only leverage she continued to have over me, in her mind. I have gotten the dog for the past two weekends, and will be keeping the dog over Christmas. Now some might question the importance of the dog. Well, my dog is the best physical example of unconditional love currently on earth. Also, I adore my dog. My wife is content to see me occasionally to pick up or drop off the dog, and she is also speaking to me. We are still headed for divorce, but at least we're speaking.

  • Keep your focus on the Lord. And always remember God is never Late. He is always on time!

    Make sure you continue your dares and allow her to see your testimony. That is what will change things.

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