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Re: Love Dare 26

Love Dare 26

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  • This dare was done actually around the time i was doing dare 4

    My husband and I didnt talk for 2 wks and than said he wanted a divorce. So i prayed. I asked God to reveal to me why my husband wanted this and what responsibilities i had done to cause this.

    It hurt A LOT!! His answer was that i was a selfish, nagging,complaining, disrespectful, ungrateful, and controlling wife. I balled my eyes out. I didnt think i was ever like that. So I prayed about it.

    He showed me the bitterness in my heart and anger I had still toward my husband.

    Around the time I was doing dare 4, my husband came to visit and i felt God pulling my heart strings to apologize. I thought I could do it without crying, but no lol.

    So i apologized to him about everything I did and didnt do. The things he would tell me that I had failed at. I told him i was sorry I wasnt the wife God wanted me to be or that he needed. 

    I asked for his foregiveness and he gave it.

    So my spouse sees that my apology is more than just words I need to not bring up the past anymore and not be disrespectful. He needs to see that I have changed and am no longer a complainer or nagger.

    He needs to see actions.



  • And I actually did this dare again with 27. I prayed again before we spent the day together with the kids and I apologized for other things that i had done. It felt good.

  • Don't look at it as he needs to see actions. What he needs to see is testimony of what Christ has and is doing

  • yes i know. That is what i meant. In other words he has to see the changes God has made in me.  No nagging, complaining, judging, or bringing up the past.

  • And seeking in prayer wisdom to walk in Christ is also very helpful to do that.

  • yes it is thank you :)

  • My pleasure

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