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Re: Day 66 - Love is Responsible

Day 66 - Love is Responsible

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  • I bared everything the first round of the LD.  I went through everything that I could think of that I had done wrong in our marriage and asked forgiveness for it.  I never received a response, but that didn’t matter.  I don’t know if I have ever felt freer.  I have nothing to hide.  There is nothing that will be uncovered and have to be explained.  I may not have been forgiven by my husband, but I have been forgiven by Christ.  It is an amazing feeling.  I don’t remember the last time in my life that I had NOTHING to hide.  I have been able to seek forgiveness at work for how much I have been in a fog this past summer.  I have not had to make an excuse about anything.  It’s all just out there for the world to see. 

    The day started with church.  I let my daughter stay home with my husband.  He doesn’t believe in church, and it’s difficult some days to get her to go when he’s comfy on the couch watching cartoons.  My church was celebrating it’s 25 year anniversary, and we were standing room only.  I’m glad I wore something cute… there were lots of pictures taken of the praise band, and then we had to stand in front of the congregation and be introduced.  I didn’t realize they would be doing that. 

    After church, I came home and made lunch.  Our daughter played by herself after lunch, until we couldn’t stand being in the house anymore and went to the store.  We came home and watched a movie, then made dinner.  It was another quiet day, but quiet is good.  Quiet means that I’m not pushing for my husband to constantly be doing something.  Quiet means that my husband doesn’t feel left out that we’re not with him.  Quiet means still… and right now, being still and waiting is always good. 

    This was the last day of our vacation together.  I am thankful that my husband chose to take the days off while I was off work.  Still confused about why he did it, but thankful all the same.

  • Making things right with Christ makes a big difference in our concerns. I guess this is where the saying of a weight lifted of our shoulders comes from

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