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Amazing Timing

Amazing Timing

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  • Wouldn't you know it.  Just when the book says that the dare for today is a hard one, my husband had very good phone range.  We were able to talk for about 10 mins quite audibly.  After talking for a bit, I appologised to my husband for my behaviour and said I was wrong.  He went quiet for a bit, was thoughtful and then went on to another subject.  All up it was a pleasant phone call.  No dramas, no worries, it was nice.  

    The question for today reads - 

    What does your mate need to see in order to believe that your confession was more than just words?

    He needs to see a behaviour change away from my old ways.  I need to listen to him more, take what he says on board and not do things he doesn't want me to do.  It feels very humbling, going back on my tummy again.  It seems to be the best place to be for me.


  • Trusting Christ is something that will always get us through, and humble us.

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