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Re: Day 26 - Love is Responsible

Day 26 - Love is Responsible

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  • So first, I prayed for forgiveness and grace from God, as usually do at least once a day. Today, I prayed that He would guide me as I apologized to Shelly. I had to email her as it was lengthy and I wasn't quite sure if I'd get to see her. As I started to type, God took over and I named specific things that I've done to wrong her. I truly apologized from my heart as I never had before and the words seemed to flow into my fingers. As I typed, I was led to confess my love for her and to tell her that I have forgiven myself for things that I never had before. She didn't reply, and later told me that I should've done tis a long time ago. It seems that things are working on her heart, and I pray that is true. She mentioned a separation and said she is moving soon. Instead of fighting with her, I went straight to God and asked for strength and for him to continue to work on Shelly. When I got home from work, she brought our kids to the house and I had a very brief opportunity to speak to her. I told her it was nice to see her and that I loved her. She was a bit abrasive at first, but warmed a little. She said she wasn't staying, and I told her that the light would be on for her and that she could come home at I also invited her to Church in the morning. I doubt she will go, but the offer is out there. It is difficult to restrain from texting her about the fact that what is easiest and fun doesn't make it right in the long run, and from telling her that we're worth fighting for.  Any words of advice or Scripture seuuestions?  Thanks

  • She is in the follow her heart mode. And as we all know it is the most deceitful thing in our lives. Leave her to Christ, it is the only way to ensure that conviction will come to her through Him.

    Continue your dares and allow Christ to handle the rest.

  • I am trying my best to do this Sean, and I am getting much better with it. She said I should have done this years ago, and I agreed saying that we weren't ready for this years ago. I continue to believe that God will touch her in a way that she's never felt before and she will lead her heart back to her family. I continue to love her unconditionally and pray for God's guidance in my life.

  • Just as I said on the last post, she will find the grs is not greener on the other side. Just as long as you let Christ deal with her.

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