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Re: R3 Day 26 - what could be left

R3 Day 26 - what could be left

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  • I knew this dare was not going to be easy the third time through.  What could possibly be left that I have not confessed/apologized for to my wife after two rounds.  Prayed on it and did not like what came to my mind....  Things were finally going - OK - between my wife and I, far from reconciled but the meanness and arguing had taken a back seat to civility and a few glimpses of peace (a hug here, a kind word there, daytime conversation, responding to texts).  Why now did some of my deepest past secrets and least proud moments come to mind?  And to top it off I lied to her face about recent snooping and some of the stuff I saw (which were devastating blows, humbling).  How could I tell her those things, why would I tell her?  I planned to take this stuff to the grave.  But I knew god was leading me and I trust god (now).  So I just did it, sat down next to her and ran down my list - apologized and that was it.  I expected her to storm out the door but we talked (cried a little), deep meaningful conversation after months of strife, and I felt some weight lifted off my shoulders.

    I wasted a lot of time speculating about her reaction and I of course thought it was going to go bad, but if anything I hope it becomes a turning point (I know it has for me).

  • Something for round 3 for me. I thought that I had confessed everything to my husband, but when I sat down and truly started thinking about our past, I hadn't confessed everything. Isn't it so great to know that there is nothing between you and her now. I would sometimes think about the things that I had done to my husband and felt so guilty about it, now that he knows EVERYTHING, that guilt is no longer there.

    Glad to hear that you and your wife seem to be moving in the right direction!

  • Agreed, it is a good feeling!  And I would say things are more like crawling then moving but we all know we must "trust gods timing, his timing is perfect"

  • Jasper,

    When you trust God, and do things for His glory YOU CAN NEVER GO WRONG....

    And isnt it funny. I bet you always heard "it was like a weight of my shoulders." But it was not until now you knew what it truly felt like.

  • And remember every blessing He pours out turn back in Praise!

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