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Re: Round 3 - Day 106

Round 3 - Day 106

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  • I felt very prepared for this dare because a couple of weeks ago my friend and I decided that we wanted to take a week to pray and ask God to reveal to us all of our faults towards Him and others. After a week of prayer we got together and admitted them to each other, prayed about them, and asked God for forgiveness. This was a huge turning point in my journey. Though I had confessed my sins to God and accepted His forgiveness, I had yet to admit to my husband how I had wronged him. I knew that I needed to, but after praying over it, I believe that God wanted me to wait until the dare care. So, the dare came and I was competely prepared and ready to admit to my husband how I have wronged him and ask him for forgiveness. I was excited because I knew that this is what God wanted me to do, but I was also nervous because of my husbands reactions.

    We sat down and I had a very long list. He listened the whole time. At the end I explained to him that I take responsibility for these choices that I have made and I hope that you can forgive me for them. He never said that he forgives me, but that is not the point of this dare. He did say, "most of those are before we were even married." My response was, "Yes, most of those were before we were married, but I was committed to you at the time and I still should not have chose to make the decisions that I did." No response.

    After this conversation we went into talking about other things, finances, Easter weekend, work, etc. This went must smoother than I had anticipated. God's will be done!

  • I see where you confessed to God and accepted His forgiveness. What about your repentance?

  • Yes! I have repented. That was part of our plan. There are definitely times that I still think about things that I should not, but I choose to hand it over to God now and to not allow myself to think about them. Even thoughts can be sinful so I ask for forgiveness for those as well.

  • Praise God! And the more you push sin away the easier it will become.

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