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Day 26

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  • I have already done this in an earlier letter, but I will pray about this and at the very least, make a list for God and myself.  If I am led to send this list to her, I will do so and trust God to handle it.

  • Ok.  My wife couldn't file the original papers so we had to speak with an attorney.  She had contacted him and I agreed to the no contest divorce.  The texts between us over the last two days was civil and pleasant.  She thanked me for being cooperative.

    I've been stuck on the dares because she had blocked my texts.  Though she unexplainably unblocked my texts, I didn't feel it an open invitation to begin again.  So I was about to study last night, flipped channels for a minute and found Fireproof.   I watched it.  It served as a reminger of how important these dares are for my relationship with Christ and that I must complete them.  I prayed about it.  

    So, I just asked Melanie to allow me to send the "crazy" text messages, emails and letters.  She didn't have to read them or understand why, just something that I had to do for the next couple of weeks.   She replied, "I don't know what the he** you're talking about, but do what you want".  

    So I dealt with these areas of forgiveness with God last night, and sent Melanie the list in an email a few minutes ago.

    Praise God for her "relunctant" willingness to let me finish.  My greatest desire for her is to know Christ.  God just keeps encouraging me with little peeks around the mountain to show that He is working on her heart.  No matter what happens between her and me, I can't wait for the day that she tells me that she has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • Is there no way for you to attempt to contact her directly? Does it all have to be email or text?

  • No... she won't accept or return my calls unless it is about the divorce proceedings itself.  She has allowed me to continue communication with her via text or email so I can complete the dares (although she is unaware of the dares).  I will trust in Christ that through my obedience to Him that He will touch her heart in a way that leads her to Him.

  • Well, I am a firm believer, that Christ does things for the best. We just need to be able to listen to what is happening and if you pray for the wisdom, He will make things clear, especially the blessing.

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