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Love Dare 25

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  • Well before I started the Love Dare i had already forgiving my husband for the years of his drug addiction, losing everything, not meeting my needs(selfish of me), and abandoning us more than once. It was difficult. I carried it for 8 yrs.

    Now I am choosing to forgive for the emotional adultery, dating sites, and wanting a divorce. 

    It hurts but I know if I hold on to it than my love will be conditional and selfish again.

    Now that I gave it to God I can continue to move forward and be optimistic. Continuing in unconditionally loving my husband and God can do what needs to be done.

  • We cannot rightfully expect forgiveness for our pasts if we are not willing to forgive others of theirs. And when we can overcome what the world has taught us, and forgive as Christ forgives us, then we must praise Him for that ability and seek out His will in our lives.

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