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Re: Peace - No more digging

Peace - No more digging

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  • Another wow day.


    What did I forgive my spouse for today?  

    Well a bankstatement turned up today and I saw that he spent over $100 at pubs over about 8 days. This is while he's away working (supposedly).   At first I was shocked, then I wasn't.  A phone bill also turned up that seemed expensive.  I was comparing it with previous bills, to see if I could make it any cheaper, when I noticed extra money being charged for things purchased over the phone.  Well my mind went wild, I even joined up for an online account to try and find out what these purchases are.  In the end I had to leave and do an errand.  While I was away, I was shown I'm not to do that.  I had over reacted and I'm to leave it to God and him.  It feels like a weights lifted off me.


    How long have I carried the weight of it?

     To be honest, the trust issue has been a problem for many, many years now.  When he first started pulling away I became grabbier, looking for little things all the time.


    What are the possibilities now that you've released this matter to God?  

    Peace, I don't have to be digging for dirt anymore.  More freedom from the torment of it all.

  • These are things yu cannot control. By trying to do so you take the ability away from Christ to effectively handle the situation. Leave it to Him. And when you get overwhelmed where y think you need to take control commit it to prayer.

  • Yes.

    I'm starting to get better at this Sean.  Fear seems to have a tendency to sneak in when you're not looking.  

  • Fear is your flesh.. Know that Christ has a perfect plan for you and right now you are being molded in His image. There is nothing to fear!

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