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its all in hand..

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    I decided to forgive him for not telling me true diagnosis that he had.
    I had been angry that he out my life at risk and felt that he does not care for my life so I need to be smart and protect my self.
    I had been very angry and dismissive towards any gestures he would give that he cared for me because i always revert to the fact that my very life was at stake and he did not care to tell me the truth.
    I also forgave the fact that the commited adultery and had to accept that he might never appologise to the extent that i can trust him but that I need to move on and let this go or I will never be happy.
    I think that releasing this to God, I am free to know that I have my own life to live and my own mistakes that i need to deal with. I need to be happy and free to allow God to help me.
    I just have to decide that I will not be bothered. It is not my cross to bare.
    I am free to be the person that I really want to be in Christ and it does not have to hinge on the fact that spouse has to agree that he was wrong.
    It hinges on the fact that God see's, God knows, God cares.
  • Actually it hinges on you accepting Christ. Outside of that Christ will guide you once that decision is made.

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