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Re: Day 25 - Love Forgives

Day 25 - Love Forgives

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  • It's been a couple days since I posted. I have removed things of lust from my life like negative people who said things that put doubt in my mind about Shelly, or who tried to get me to go to places where I could get myself into trouble, where I've gone in the past. I have also gotten rid of some things on my computer, and instead replaced them with good things that keep me focused and remind me to pray and stay faithful. Today I wrote a lengthy text to Shelly, forgiving her from my heart for the things I know about and those that I don't. I told her that those negatives are covered in my love for her, and said that I would no longer allow bad influences or people to sway my love and devotion for her or let evil try to pull us apart by bringing up things that have happened in our past or from being a family again. She did not reply to this, and I didn't push things at all with her today. Once I sent it, I prayed that God would have complete control over our situation and over her, and that I wouldn't try to control or influence the situation. I then studied a couple chapter in Proverbs, and focused on journaling in my Love Dare book. It was a long day at work these last couple days, and I haven't been texting her as much. I'm sure that when I go home tomorrow that Shelly will leave, but I have plans to do things with the kids regardless of what she decides to do. I still feel that God is at work in her, so I will let him do what only he can and pray that his will is done.

  • Again, all I see is texting. Any chance you can be more creative with the dares and actually try to talk? Trying is the attempt. If you cannot do it then text"

  • I emailed her some times Sean. I was away for work, I mean out of town, and she won't answer my calls as she's with "him" most of the time. I got home last evening and had only a couple minutes to talk to her before she left. I did apologize to her in person at that point as was the dare for day 26. She was mildly receptive but chose to leave just the same.

  • She will see the grass is not greener on the other Side. But one thing you have to remember, all her venom is to get you to react and justify her doing it. So be patient in Christ and be strong in your faith. Let Christ deal with her.

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