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Day 25

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    She’s told me in the past she wants to stay in the same house for the kids.  I believe this is because she is afraid she won’t get custody due to her job.  She’s said that in her mind, we are no longer married and she can’t promise that she will let me know if she begins seeing other people.  It makes it hard to be the spiritual authority or the leader of your household in this situation.  I am going to trust God through the Love Dares but at what point do I… I don’t want to take steps take end a marriage before God reconciles it but this living situation is working great for her and terrible for the kids and me. I just want God to bring light to this situation.


    Later we got into a conversation about house rules.  I told her that lying, deceitfulness, coming home at 5am, playdates for my kids with men I don’t know is not gonna happen.  She said we’ve lived my way for 10 years and I can no longer tell her what to do. I asked her are you out from under my spiritual authority she said yes and I asked is that where God wants you.  She didn’t answer.  So I said she has to understand that she has given the devil permission to use her as a tool to attack this house.  Was that me taking back control? I just believe I’m not supposed to be a doormat in this situation.

  • Without a doubt it was you taking back control.

    This journey is between you and Christ. So that He can mold you more in His image, so you may be a true spiritual leader in the home. Go back and look at some of these dares and look at this post, you tell me if that is what Christ is directing you toward?

    This journey you need to focus on your relationship with Christ. Leave your wife for Him to deal with. Not you. You are not God and you cannot control her.

    And the worst part. And I may be wrong here, but I can only go by what I am reading in your post. You are justifying your actions through manipulating the word of Christ. This is where you need to seek forgiveness.

    Let her statement resonate... Did it your way for 10 years. Not Chirsts way. And to go even deeper, how long have you done it your way in life period?

    Please do not misunderstand. I am not being a jerk. I am showing you accountability as a Christian. If you want your marriage, you must leave it to Christ, and take this journey as a way to fix your relationship with Christ first.

    I know if you let up for a minute, she will leave, it will be over. First it seems that way anyway and second Christ is NEVER late!

  • Sean you are not being a jerk, you are right.  I had a weak moment.  I am praying that God will give me the strength to endure what comes without taking back control.  

  • I am glad you see that. It is just so important to point it out and hold those accountable. Without me being held accountable through my journey I assure you I would never had success!

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