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Re: Round 3 - Day 105

Round 3 - Day 105

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  • I was always one to hold grudges. I always wanted my husband and others to feel bad for what they did to hurt me, and for them to have to live with it for the rest of their lives. No more! Thank you Jesus! I pray daily for quick forgiveness! It is so nice not to have all that hurt pent up inside of me. I believe that I have and continue to forgive my husband. I feel no anger towards him. Just love. My heart breaks for him knowing that if he would just accept Christ into his life that he would be so much happier. I'll continue to pray for his salvation and let God take care of him.

  • It is called pride! when our pride is stepped on we want to take control in the wrong ways...

    God did not intend our pride to be used that way, but of course the world teaches us different.

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