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Re: Round 2 - Day 65

Round 2 - Day 65

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  • Forgiveness used to be the most difficult thing for me. I really liked to hold onto grudges. Before this journey started I was at a point in my life where I was the most discontent I had ever been. I had stomach ulcers, constant anxiety, and would breakdown on a daily basis. Why?  Because I was filled with so much hurt, pain, and anger. I am generally a nice person, so I would hold all of my hurt, pain, and anger inside me. It was an awful prison to be in. With counseling and the Love Dare, I have been able to give all of that hurt, pain, and anger over to God. One thing that my counselor really helped me with was recognizing who and what I was angry with. Every time I felt discontent, I had to write down what caused it and what I was thinking about at that moment. Now, every day I pray for God to help me forgive these people and to hand over these hurtful situation to Him. Even though I know that I have forgiven these people and I have handed these situations over to God, I still pray for them. Also, God reveals things to me on a regular basis that I didn’t even know I was hurt by, or was angry at that person so my list continues to grow. It is so nice to know that anytime I have feelings of hurt, or anger, that I can just hand them over to God.

    One thing that I have really learned is the difference between being happy and content, and sad or hurt and discontent. I am content no matter what state I am in. Just because I am sad or hurt, does not mean that I am discontent and I don’t have to be happy, to be content. I always thought that I needed to be happy all the time. I will take being content no matter what state I am in over “pretending” to be happy all the time.

    Thank you Jesus for releasing me and my inmates from the prison that I put us in for sooooo long.

  • Melissa,

    Most people do not recognize how easy it is to hand things over to Christ and go about our business. It is truly amazing that if our trust is completely in Him how we can just hand it over, all the pain, worry, and problems are nothing compared to when we tried to handle it ourselves. What an amazing thing.

    Try to think back to what you thought happiness was... But it was never enough. Now with Christ, that is all we need.

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