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Re: Day 25-Forgiving

Day 25-Forgiving

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  • What hit home in today's dare was the line "For instance, what they did was really wrong whether they admit it or not. They may not even be sorry about it. They may feel perfectly justified in their actions, even going so far as to blame you for it."

    My husband has not done anything horribly wrong, he just left me to fend for myself and has ignored me. He has blamed the situation completely on me. And he has justified leaving. He still justifies what he is doing. I have forgiven my husband for leaving and for ignoring me. I continually have to forgive him for his silence. It is hard to do. But if I do not, I feel like there is poison in my system. My counselor had asked me if I ever got angry because I would not express any kind of anger when I talked to him. I told him I did get angry that my husband left, but mostly I feel hurt. My counselor says I have a right to be angry. There is a righteous anger; however, righteous anger looks and acts different than sinful anger. I do feel a freedom with forgiving my husband. I feel like I don't have to worry about whether he talks to me or not. I will make the effort when and where I need to, but it is up to my husband to respond. I have done my part to the best that I can. The rest is up to God. I do need to forgive him for choosing his job over me in the past though. And if he comes back, I know he will choose his job at first over me and I know I will have to forgive him for it.

    Is it bad to not contact him? I feel better when I don't. And really, what am I going to tell him? I will contact him for the dares or if I have problems with the vehicle, but I am not sure. He said we could meet this week and he has not told me when. I texted him and asked if we were going to meet. No response.

  • Contact him for the dares. And anything else that is important. Other than that, I do not know if it would be a good idea. By doing so, you are allow Christ to mold you. To work in his life, and prepare you for what is to come. When interaction does come, Christ will want you to be a testimony....

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