It was a 'love at first sight'. Jane, my gf was really lovable on those first days. She was a calm and genuine girl in my view! Everything has changed during our first date. I was realizing how violent she becomes on the bed. She didn't get tired even after so many sessions. She wanted me to continue it the whole night and really I couldn't! After that she always called me for dates and I confirmed the bitter truth that she is a sex addict! My friends found her with other men when I was not around. I talked her regarding this and her answer was shocking! She said that she doesn't care whoever it is, she just needs sex! But she swears that she loves me truly. I don't know what to do! I asked for a break, but she is not ready for that! I know, she loves me. But how can I be with a girl who is damn addicted to sex? I heard about sex addiction treatment programs in Toronto, but I am not sure how well they work! Can you please share your suggestions? Can an addiction treatment help her? I love her. She is a cute lovely girl, but... Please advise.