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not easy...

not easy...

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  • This was so hard but the Lord showed me that I lust after the attention of men that i percieve to have money.
    All my childhood, i heard my parents complain about not having money or not having enough money to do things and have some to spare.
    It was always that we were drawing out of the money we had and not out of reserves.
    It was a lie the devil told me concering my spouse that he would be the answer to my money problems.
    This has turned out to be false.
    I often believe that if only i had more money I would be able to do so much better.
    I think the insecurity i felt when ever my parents complanined about money made me feel that the only way to be secure was to have money.
    it has lead me away from the person I want to be in that i find my self eyeing other men with nice cars, clean suits, look like they have it together, it has made me greedy and ungrateful. I do not want to be a greedy and ungrateful person.
    It is hard for me to seek my spouse because he, just yesterday shows up with a woman at the house to tell me that she is here to give us a loan. A loan that we never spoke about. Meanwhile, I am sharing with him all about the steps i am taking to secure the money for his passport. i am sharing how I will help with the rent this month since he came up short on the pay cheque. The issue is that i am sharing, and he is not.
    I am devolging all this information so that we can be on the righ track but he goes off and does what he pleases. He even said that he knows that I am upset because he did not tell me but that does not matter because the money is here and ......... oh man, it's just so wrong to take people for granted and he does that to me over and over. I really hate it.
    With the Lord, i just pray for a filling of His love in all the areas that I am deficient.
  • We have been told that money will make us happy, but yet the more we get the more we want. The only true happiness is found in Christ.. I have had it all and still was not happy. It was not until I found Christ that I was happy even in the worst times in my life. And all these years seeking it, it was right there in front of me. But I always believed what others taught me, I never trusted Christ.

  • I'm sorry to use this post.  I wasn't able to normally again.

    Another challenging dare.  It brought to light, that I actually lust after more freedom to live my days.  Being a stay at home, homeschooling mum of 6 children, does not leave much time for socialising over coffee or going for nice relaxing holidays.  Lately its even been thinking about a housekeeper to help out.  I think my husband works enough without these things added in.

    So yes, it's been an interesting day keeping myself grounded and not off dreaming abo

    what's not real.

  • Commit that to prayer and seek Christ for margin in your life. Lust is one thing Christ will take out if you seek His guidance in doing so

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