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Day 64 - Love vs Lust

Day 64 - Love vs Lust

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    Day 64—Love vs Lust


    “End it now.  Identify every object of lust in your life and remove it.  Single out every lie you've swallowed in pursuing forbidden pleasure and reject it.  Lust cannot be allowed to live in a back bedroom.  It must be killed and destroyed - today - and replaced with the sure promises of God and a heart filled with His perfect love.”


    Today’s dare is similar to the realization/action I took yesterday. I lust after the “love” I see in certain movies, television shows, and books—the fairytale romances—the unrealistic expectations it gives women for their quest of “love.”  What a change that is from round one! I remind myself, again, of a line this chapter reads— “Lust will make you dissatisfied with your spouse. It breeds anger, numbs hearts, and destroys marriages. Rather than fullness, it leads to emptiness.” To reiterate—lust is just a misguided thirst for satisfaction that only God can fulfill. God will provide me with what I need. He knows the desires of our hearts—desires that come from a pure heart not a misguided one.

    Speaking of those desires—I received a missed call and then a text message out of the blue this afternoon from my husband. He asked if I wanted to go out to dinner with him. I was baffled. Three days of no contact after what we shared last week and then this…patience does pay off! Of course, I wanted to go, but I also had plans to celebrate my cousin and brother’s birthday. I felt it would not be fair to just “blow them off.” My Dad thankfully was over helping on the house and advised if I wanted to go I should—I can make a presence at the party and then go out with my husband afterwards. That is exactly what I did. He picked me up at the house after I spent a little bit of time at the birthday party. I warned him when he walked through the door that I still had a temperature. He immediately said we didn’t have to go…heck no! I was going. He took me to a little Mexican restaurant in a small town we live nearby since it was close to a trail we could walk afterwards. I was not nervous at all like I was last Tuesday. It felt completely natural. We talked openly at dinner. Last Tuesday he had talked about severing all ties with the OW. This time he confirmed he did—from his phone and facebook. He is still working on requesting a switch of detachments. He reassured me the one he wants to be reassigned to would be on a complete opposite schedule than his one now, so they would rarely run into each other. I was thanking God over and over in my head because I know this isn’t easy on many levels—my husband has formed very very close bonds to the guys in his current detachment and this also means he has to admit to what he did. He also brought up that he was going out to dinner with his Mom and brother tomorrow night for his brother’s birthday. It is then, he is going to bring up his decision to not get a divorce and move back in with me. I told him my family is already well aware. He was not surprised by that since he knows how close I am with them.


    In the midst of dinner I am pretty positive my fever broke. I started sweating like crazy. I felt so gross and to top it off as I was putting my leftovers in the box to take home I dumped it all in my lap. No joke! All I could do was laugh. Needless to say, we went back to the house after dinner rather than go for a walk. We ended the night with talking some more. I can see God opening doors for me to shine His light. My husband expressed how excited he is to have the relationship/marriage we have always wanted—that he wants to be a better person and is trying really hard to be. He admitted to when those times he kept telling me I am crazy, that we would never work out again—in his head he was actually thinking about how much he was missing me. He only wants to be with me and grow old with me. It melted my heart!  I know there is a heck of a lot more we have to talk about. It is imperative that he knows where I am with my walk with Christ. I look forward to sharing this Love Dare journey with him when the time is right—not to put in his face how hard I have been working, but to share what I have learned. Besides living the example, it is another way of me showing him how much I have changed. How much we truly do have to look forward to. Until then I will continue each day’s dare as God wants me to. We said our good nights and love you’s. I went to bed with such a peace and heart filled with more gratitude. Words cannot even begin to express how thankful I am for God’s DAILY work—my tears do though. They pour out of me for His unconditional love!



    I know there is many just beginning this journey and as I was reading my devotions this morning I felt compelled to share the following with you—


    Next time you’re trying to understand God’s Work or pray according to His will, next time you’re trying to overcome sin, next time you’re trying to make sense of your circumstances or relieve your pain, stop and remember the assistance available to you. He’s the greatest power in the universe, and He makes Himself known through faith and persistence asking. Don’t settle for faint awareness that He is there somewhere, though you’re not sure where. Pound on the doors of heaven until He’s a reality experienced in your heart. Remember that Jesus would not have left us in body unless He’d planned to come back to us in Spirit, deeper and fuller than we could have ever known Him otherwise.


    Even when you are in deep despair, hurt, and feeling helpless – He is with YOU! Remember that! You are NOT alone!

  • I posted to this the other day. I was out of the country through. Anyway, This is where you walk with Christ becomes so much bigger. It is your testimony that has gotten you here.

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