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heavy heart

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  • so in todays dare im supposed to eliminate the things that are impure and considered lustful. I have kind of done most of that already. ive gotten rid of the face book drama the snap chat and the twitter. I went through and eliminated all the people in my life I can watch to see what shes doing. which brings me to the conclusion that I need to let her go. I have been stuck in a funk trying to be one steep ahead of her or trying to figure out why she has hurt me so bad. my lust is for her. its for us to be together but if I keep pushing her in the direction I want it to go she will pull away farther . maybe I don't know. this is real tough seeing how she has been my everything since the day we meet. I had a dream the other night that she said "I miss you and love you" . then reality sets in and shes moving stuff outta our heart is being torn in different directions. for now I will try to let her go. and allow god to do the work and not help.

    it hurts more today than the past. I wish the hurt would stop. I was told by someone that because I hurt her its her turn to hurt me and it wont stop until I recognize it. I kinda get the idea of this . and I relied  how ive hurt her in the past and have prayed for forgiveness . I guess its the impatient side of me and I continue to pray for patience.

  • Good for you getting rid of all those things.  But stop trying to be one step ahead.  That is you wanting control instead of leaving the control in Christ's hands.  Do a dare a day and no more.  That way you don't have to worry about pushing her farther away.

    If you want others to respond to you try going to the love dare journal section under the community tab.  If not keep posting here.  Things will become more bearable as you grow in Christ.

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