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Re: Day 64 - Love vs. Lust

Day 64 - Love vs. Lust

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  • I really tackled this dare the first time through.  Since then, I have not read one love story or watched one movie that was based on doing what made you happy.  These books and movies just gave me a skewed view of reality.  They left me always wanting the happy ending.  I do want the happy ending… I want the happily ever after, but I want MY happily ever after.  Not the fake one that is so often put in front of me.

    We had a really quiet day.  The morning was spent playing Wii with our daughter, and then we drove to a neighboring town for lunch.  The food was fantastic and worth the drive.  We even got our daughter to eat some Thai food, which she said she would absolutely not eat!  After lunch, we came home and watched TV for the afternoon.  The weather was rainy, and we just enjoyed the time together.  My father in law ordered dinner for everyone.

    I ended up eating dinner by myself upstairs while our daughter was taking a bath since we ate so late.  By the time she was done with her bath, my husband had closed himself in the computer room.  I didn’t see him for the rest of the night, so I spent the evening reading and learning.

    After the accidental kiss the evening before, my husband really pulled himself back.  There was no physical contact at all.  Our daughter likes to encourage family hugs, but he made sure that he did not put his arm around me during the hug.  I have to constantly give these voids of physical contact over to Christ.  The “180s” just get old after a while.

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