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Re: love vs lust day 24

love vs lust day 24

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  • It's been a few days since i posted. i've been doing my dares. I got to this and I instantly related. weird thing is over the weekend i had drill and i was lusting after this man in my unit. Man i thought to myself what is wrong with me. But i kept reading the Bible and asking God for guidance. No it didn't go away instantly, but it did. Yesterday at drill i almost talked badly about Angel, and then i caught myself and stopped. I saw him after i got home. we had a great conversation. I hope it continues that we connect. I also gave him my password to my Facebook. Something I was reluctant to do before. Im not addicted to facebook, but i am addicted to not trusting. So i let it go and volunteered my password. It felt uplifting and free. I hope i can continue to be this way.
  • You can be if you trust in Christ and continue to allow Him  to guide you.

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