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  • I have been stuck on this dare for a week.  There are two sources of lust in my life: Facebook and Smoking.  I have deleted my facebook page and am going to try to quit smoking.  My quit date is next Monday.  I don't feel like I am strong enough to do this right now.  I want to quit, I know I need to quit but not sure that I can.  I know that I cannot move on with the rest of dares if I don't complete this one.  I need prayers for strength as I try to quit.  I also don't feel that this is making any difference in my husbands view.  He says that he doesn't feel any different being seperated than he did while we lived together.  Says he's just as lonely now as he was then.  He says that I still don't do anything to help him.  How can I help him?  How can I make any changes?  I have begged God to tell me what I am supposed to do.  He never asks me to do anything and when he does I do it right away with a generous spirit.  I feel like any progress I may have made is now gone.  What's it gonna take? 

  • First you do not need to Beg God... Just ask.

    Second, some of these dares may take longer. Like smoking, it is great you are going to try and you should lay that before the Lord. It may take some time.... Dont let that delay any of your dares. Continue on. The success of the dare is to recognize it, hand it over to God and submit it to Him.... So move on to the next day.

    You are a work in progress. As the Lord says, I will work on you until my work is done.... Which means things will not happen over night.

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