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Day 24

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  • This has kind of been a work in progress since asking Christ into my heart.  I still have things I deal with daily, but I know spend a lot more time with God and less time doing other things.  The things that would normally put above Christ were my marriage, tv, drinking, work,  my daughter, occasionally porn or inappropriate sites, secular radio, wasting time on the computer, etc.  I have put those things into Christian perspective over the last 45 days or so... almost automatically as I have made more time for Christ.  It's kind of cool, actually.

    The last couple of days I've struggled with margin for Christ, but I'm going to make time for Christ if I had to turn off my work phone and take my daughter to her mom's house.  

    I have recommended the Love Dare to couple of friends that are experiencing frustrations in their marriages, not to fix their marriages but for them to experience a joyful walk in Christ.  It's an awesome experience. 

  • Instead of taking your daughter to her mothers. Why dont you start sharing this new life with her?

    Dont force it. But think of it this way. How would your life have turned out if your parents could have really taught you what unconditional love really meant? Or what kindness really was? Or even what selfishness does to people? All these things smacked you in the face because you were taught the ways of the world. Dont let you daughter fall into the same hole!

  • My daughter was saved about 3 years ago and she truly has Christ in her heart.  We have discussed much of my journey with Christ and The Love Dare.  We have discussed why I am committed to my marriage.  She has commented several times that she's happy that I no longer drink, that I'm in church and that I seem happier.  I let start the discussions with questions and gently lead her in the direction that I think is appropriate for us to discuss.  

    I know that Christ will use my failures and subsequent submission to His will has a example for her.  

    The thing with 11 year old girls is that they can be quite demanding.  Over the weekend, she distracted me just about every time I had set aside for study.  Today, she went to a birthday parry down the street and I had about 4 hours.  I spent some of that time studying some resting.  I was extremely tired this afternoon.

  • Things like that are going to happen. At times we must be creative to find the margin in our lives for Christ.

    And trust me, your story will be a testimony to many. Never be ashamed of it, it may just lead someone else to the Glory of Christ.

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