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Re: Day 24-lusting after a job

Day 24-lusting after a job

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  • The only thing I can think of that I am lusting after is having a full time job. I was very unhappy with my part time job that was not in my field of study. I thought that if I could have a different job I would be happier. I worked part time and had too much time on my hands and didn't know what to do in that extra time. I became lazy. My husband noticed this and did not appreciate it at all and it was one of the things he "so gently" threw in my face. I admitted that I was unhappy and that I did not make the effort I should have to find a new job. Now, I feel like I am lusting after a job. That if I find another job that it will show my husband that I am trying to contribute to our income and that I am not lazy. I truly am not lazy. I have always been a hard worker and then had a back injury that threw a wrench in my life. I let it rule my life too much. I do need more hours at work or a different job. My husband is making it hard to pay bills. I have restricted my purchases to almost nil. Just gas and my counseling sessions. I know God knows my situation and that he will provide a job...I just get impatient waiting and not getting calls back.
    Also, I have always wanted to go to grad school. I have been working on my application and will be turning it in soon. I retook the GRE today to hopefully improve my score. Well, I pretty much got the same score as I did before. The professor I contacted said I should try to improve my score substantially...since that didn't happen, I became very down and thought that I will never get into grad school. So today has been difficult.

    Praise: I finally got a call back for a good full time position. I will interview next monday.
    We will see what God has in mind.

  • Lust is a desire for things forbidden. So unless the job situation comes before Christ then I would not much dwell on that. And if it does, then change it.

    You are now living under Gods plan, submit to His will and know that His plan is what is best. He will make sure the job you need to have you will have. For school, He will make sure you get the scores.

    Pray for the margin He wants you to have and for you to accept it... Pray for the focus you must have and to comfort your heart.

    He will provide...

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