I don't really have any bad habits that I feel hinder my relationship. I drink on weekends but I'm willing to stay home more often if I need to. I pray if that's something that needs to change then please help me Lord. Help me see my faults if need be.

Lord today I'm hurt as it's my ex's bday today and although I've been getting rejected he asked me to cut his hair in which I did. He said he would call or text me later that night and he would be in touch but I never heard from him that night.  This morning I noticed he changed his profile pic the night I cut his hair to him and his ex that he was seeing while we were apart and that really hurt but rather than react I still sent a nice text wishing him a happy bday saying I hope he had a good day and maybe I could see him later.  Apparently he has been back with her since at least 2 nights ago but maybe as early as 4 nights ago. But he stayed and asked if I would have a drink with him after I cut his hair and I did and he brought his son with him so I thought we were moving in a positive direction. It all went well so I'm very confused as I don't feel in my gut that he was wanting her back but he was pushed into going all in as he never closed the door per say on us if he was done with us. But I do feel this was a big test for me as it had to hit me hard to see if I was emotionally stable.  I have down moments but I believe God will convict him of what he is doing and we will be together in the end.