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Love Dare 23

Love Dare 23

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  • Today the things i chose to remove were the unrealistic expectations I have on my husband. The ones i got from my family,friends, & movies. I also have given up control, spending money on worthless things, and our belief backgrounds.

    I never realized how these things influenced my marriage so negatively. 

    Looking back i see how they were tearing it down. So were my behaviors.

    I let everyone and certain things have a say except my husband. I had selective hearing on the wrong things

    I let the world tell me how my husband should act and how a marriage should be.

    Since I have given up some of these already since i started this love dare, like control & the influence of some of what my family has given, i feel so much more positive and that I am doing what God wants and not what they want me to.

    The unrealistic expectations i had on him were ridiculous, i wanted a superman when my husband was just a man. 



  • Oneness is between you and your husband... Outside influence can always make it go wrong.

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